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Our Current Directors

Rdr. Peter Tabeling

... has a BS from the U of Cincinnati in Industrial Design. He is currently the Music Director at St. Herman's OCA in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has a passion for church rubrics, singing church music as often as possible, Cleveland sports teams (where he’s originally from), and good beer.

Mark Wesche

... has a BS in Physics from the U of WI, Whitewater. Lead director of POCM, he has been conducting various Orthodox choirs since 2012 from different Dioceses of the OCA and Greek Traditions. He has a passion for music that “reaches into your soul” (whatever that means...), helping people be the best church musicians they can be, and cake.

Rdr. Zachariah Mandell

...has an MA in Classical Languages and Literature from SUNY Buffalo, and an M.Div from St. Vladimir's Theological Seminary, where he studied liturgical music. He has directed Orthodox church choirs of all sizes since 2013, and is currently the Music Director at St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral (OCA) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He loves exploring all kinds of music, both old and new, and fills whatever time he has left with gardening, football, baking the best focaccia ever (unsubstantiated), and even more singing.

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