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Welcome to Pan-Orthodox Choir Ministry (POCM)

Pan-Orthodox Choir Ministries is a fledgling ministry dedicated to serving the Orthodox choirs in the Pan-Orthodox community, consisting of the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, by fostering collegiality between individuals (composers, directors, singers) and elevating the caliber of church music.

Beginning in 2022 as a group of choir directors sharing music arrangements from their home parishes, POCM continued to grow in 2023, exploring its identity. We started with a Pre-Lenten fundraising concert for FOCUS (a non-profit serving the homeless and underserved in the Twin Cities area) then, singing for the MEOCCA Lenten Vespers services, and hosting a Composer's Retreat in St. Cloud, MN for local American-Orthodox composers. This year (2024) promises to be just as full as we continue to discover what POCM is, and what it can become. We look forward to a choral workshop focusing on vocal technique and church musicianship in February, a Pre-Lenten concert for FOCUS in March, another Composer’s Retreat, and perhaps even more...

If this is something that interests you, feel free to reach out to to get connected.

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